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Link between business and technology

Projects and their planning and implementation are becoming more and more important for companies. Whether CarveOut, Transition or Newbuild: The success of any project depends decisively on whether it has been precisely planned, controlled and documented. Our hybrid project management makes this possible.

Our project managers are certified according to international standards such as PRINCE2 and ITIL. In addition to change and risk management, controlling and quality assurance, we can thus integrate a high degree of communication and coordination skills into your projects.




Using proven project management methods, we always keep your business case as well as the target variables time, costs and quality in focus!


  • Our experience with customers from various industries and with different objectives
  • Our successful project team has been working together for several years
  • Our holistic approach as well as our vendor-neutral approach
  • Our thorough preparation with consideration of your interests
  • Our professional project planning and control as well as extensive test and acceptance phases


In the past years we have been able to gather extensive knowledge in various project areas. An excerpt of our project activities can be found here.

We can assist you with your project? Then feel free to contact us!

  • Intercontinental CarveOut project of a company branch with ≥ 600 employees
    Duration: 6 months

  • Transition data center of a group with ≥ 3,000 employees incl. connection of 13 Central European locations
    Duration: 7 months

  • NewBuild projects in the field of Cruise IT
    Duration: > 12 months


"In project management we are the link between all project instances. Our tasks range from planning, coordination and organization to implementation. This means that we are there for the customer to answer all open questions. In addition to kickoff and jour fixe meetings, the lessons learned meeting is one of the most important meetings for all parties - for the Steering Committee as well as for us in project management. Standards are essential in a project. Therefore, all our projects are carried out according to the Prince2 and ITIL standard.”

Niels Heider, Head of Project Management