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+49 (0) 4488 52808-0

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+49 (0) 4488 52808-98

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Also by fax for you: +49 (0) 4488 52808-98


To make the services of all BSH service areas easy, free of charge and uncomplicated for you to call, we have set up a telephone number for your different requirements. To be connected directly to our service and support desk, please dial our free service number ☎ 0800 7604 604 and for calls from abroad ☎ +49 251 7604 604. You can use these telephone numbers to place your service requests with us during business hours. In addition, the phone numbers are also the contact for customers with a service contract with extended support hours outside business hours up to 24x7 round-the-clock services. However, a service contract is a prerequisite for extended support outside business hours. Alternatively, you can contact us by e-mail at ✉

Via our service menu you will be directly connected to the right contact person in our organization. If against all odds all lines should be busy, you can leave us a voice message. This runs directly into our ticket system and immediately triggers an action or a callback. In a personal conversation, your contact person will give you an identification number with which you can check the processing status of your request at any time by telephone. The reaction time depends on the agreed service level.

To categorize the impact of errors, please use the following error impact description and priority levels:


In order for you to be able to use our remote support tools easily and conveniently, we have compiled a detailed procedure for you here.

  • Our administration module connects to the connection server. This takes place on port 5000; in case of failure on port 80 (http) or a possibly existing proxy server. A 5-digit session number is generated via this connection.
  • You will receive a session number from us, which you enter into your customer module. The module connects to the connection server via port 5000 or 80 or via the existing proxy server. If successful, both modules receive a session key that secures all further requests in addition to the session number.
  • The server exchanges IP addresses between the two modules; your customer module first tries to connect directly to the IP address of our administration module on port 5000. If successful, the further data transfer is carried out via this direct connection; if it fails, the data transfer is carried out via the connection server, which forwards the data packages between the two modules.
  • The modules exchange a 256-bit AES key via an RSA-protected connection.
  • Further communication takes place exclusively via the 256-bit AES encrypted connection, thus ensuring that no data can be read at the connection server or at any other point of the connection.
  • Now your screen is transferred to the system administrator of BSH IT Solutions GmbH. If you press the "RELEASE" button the remote screen can also be controlled from our side. You can stop this at any time by pressing the F11 key, or you can disconnect the connection completely at any time.