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One network for the entire fleet

BSH Cruise OneNet is our product highlight in the Cruise IT sector and offers shipping companies real added value. BSH Cruise OneNet provides a common network for the entire ship fleet through our own data center. 

An important added value is the central management, whereby all administrative activities can be carried out centrally for all ships running under BSH Cruise OneNet. Just like central management, security relevant topics are also of great importance. The necessary security is provided by central support access including 2-factor authentication. BSH Cruise OneNet also offers automated failover in the event of a provider or function failure.

The functions are restored or redirected to other functions or providers.  The volume, access and function evaluation of the individual providers within the

central monitoring system are various features, which complete the functional range of BSH Cruise OneNet. In this way you can see, for example, which provider consumed or caused what and when.

A feature of our BSH Cruise OneNet solution is the easy implementation of an extended LTE connection which allows, for example, to connect the docked ship to the LTE hotspot of the harbor. BSH Cruise OneNet also switches automatically to another provider if the Internet loading time on board is too slow.