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The highest standard of e-mail security with the Allgeier solution

Sending messages by e‑mail is the default communication path in today's business world. However, everything you write in an e-mail goes out in plain text via the connection. That is why such a message is often compared to a postcard: Anyone who inadvertently (or intentionally) gets hold of it can read it. By creating a virtual mail room, julia mailoffice – a server-based solution for e‑mail encryption and decryption as well as for central signature and signature verification – provides secure all-round protection. 

Based on a defined set of rules, data is encrypted systematically and supplied to the recipient without the sender having to bother about such matters. This kind of solution is urgently needed for companies that e‑mail confidential information to customers who themselves have no encryption technology. The aim is therefore not just to take security precautions, but to optimize them. The julia mailoffice solution is based on the philosophy that security functions are not a technical end in themselves, but arise out of the necessity to implement secure processes.


  • A scalable solution for small, medium-sized and large companies
  • Extremely stable operation and performance
  • Encryption controlled by document classification
  • Recipient can control secure sending
  • Outlook plugin
  • Watermark in PDF documents
  • Crypto preview for the internal user
  • Dynamic management of PDF and ZIP passwords
  • julia mailoffice support
  • Use of TLS in julia mailoffice rules
  • Transition into DE-mail 
  • Protocol and evaluation functions
  • Web mailer for secure communication with recipients who do not have their own encryption
  • Extensive web interface
  • Links to any trust centers
  • Secure and automated storage of documents on collaboration platforms